Welcome to Hotel Savera

With 42 years of experience, the Indian-themed Hotel Savera provides outstanding 3-star accommodationquality cuisine and vibrant entertainment across all market segments. The Tuscan-designed hotel has a magnificent panoramic view and has  “palatial" grandeur. A drive to the city centre and beach takes approximately 20 minutes and it’s roughly 25 minutes to Umhlanga, the key tourism destination in the region

The hotel is themed around the history of indian culture and this heritage is showcased in the various rooms.

The hotel draws both local and visiting interests. It’s regularly visited for a variety of reasons, among them:

• Historical
• Conferences 
• Meetings 
• Parties 
• Shows 
• Gaming 
Leisure visits 
Panoramic views


Message from Chairman

"While we pride ourselves on our uniquely Eastern theme and dedication to Indian settlers, who came to South Africa in 1860, we also are committed to providing overall customer satisfaction. It is very important that we achieve high standards. Our staff have been trained to offer a warm and friendly welcome and to exceed expectations. Our goal to provide customers with a comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable experience, is augmented by a refurbishment, which we undertook in the last year and which has improved all facets of the property. Do enjoy your stay. Vanakum."

Dhilosen Pillay